Cloud Engineering Tools Make Design Decisions Less Cloudy


The main purpose of engineering software is to help engineers make smarter decisions faster and to avoid sacrificing quality for speed. Cloud technology dramatically improves access to information and people, enabling faster decision-making by you and your engineering team, thanks to the ease of which information is accessed. This webinar, given by the founders of two successful providers will focus on the application of cloud technology in engineering software and its impact on decision-making in two key areas: component selection & change management.

As engineering and manufacturing data moves into the cloud, mid-sized manufacturers are finding that they can automatically pull component and engineering data into their designs. This allows users to transparently move the design between different tools to ensure the desired performance and manufacturability, and to securely and directly publish data to suppliers worldwide for prototyping and production. Manufacturers discover that the data inputted into the cloud is nimble, as it should be. It can be connected into a larger ecosystem of cloud services and moved where you need it, when you need it.

A cloud-based solution is especially valuable to manufacturers with unique engineering infrastructures, a high number rate of change processes, and geographically distributed teams who are reliant on collaborating with real-time cross-functionally with their global suppliers. Additionally, manufacturers who frequently release new products and consistently strive to collapse NPI find that the cloud solution provides much-needed full document management capabilities to ensure users have access to the latest documents and easy visibility to track changes. With a centralized cloud-based solution, managing documents and searching for items and suppliers has never been easier.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Streamline engineering processes by minimizing administrative work.
  • Prevent miscommunication by ensuring teams are in synch.
  • Reduce product errors by consolidating engineering information.

Speaker: Eric Larkin, Co-Founder, Arena Solutions

As the founder of Arena Solutions, Eric Larkin speaks and writes on behalf of the company.

Prior to his current role, Eric served as Chief Technology Officer. His deep technical expertise and extensive experience with product development, information systems and project management in manufacturing environments enabled the invention, development and delivery of BOMControl, Arena’s pioneering cloud PLM solution. Prior to co-founding Arena, Eric managed electromechanical projects at D2M, Inc., a product design and development firm, and managed hardware product development at Storm Technology, a manufacturer of consumer image-capture devices. Before his work at Storm, Eric served as chief technology officer at Light & Motion Industries, a vertically integrated manufacturer of underwater video, photo and lighting products, where he helped architect the internal system that later became the prototype for Arena.

Eric holds eleven patents in a variety of industries. His education includes master’s degrees in electrical engineering and manufacturing systems engineering and bachelor’s degrees in philosophy/religious studies and mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Speaker: Andres Morey, Co-Founder, Octopart

Andres Morey is the co-founder of Octopart. At Octopart, Andres leads product strategy on frontend features, general site architecture and the API. Prior to Octopart, Andres worked as an experimental physicist building calibration devices for the IceCube neutrino telescope located at the South Pole.

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