Improved Configuration Management in Aerospace Electrical Design


Configuration management of design data is a big challenge in aerospace electrical design. Creating, tracking, and checking the many variants of individual features is a challenge both from the standpoint of electrical integrity -“Does this configuration operate correctly?”; and from the standpoint of data management – “How to manage multiple effectivities without massive data duplication?”

Join Mentor Graphics for this session to learn how leading companies are addressing these challenges using the Capital electrical design system to design and manage their data and simplify the process of electrical configuration control and validation.

Speaker: John Low, Aerospace Business, Development Manager, Mentor Graphics Corporation

John Low has been actively involved in the aerospace industry for 25 years. John started with design and manufacturing engineering responsibilities on rocket propulsion systems followed by work with The Boeing Company in a variety of design engineering roles on commercial, military and space applications. For the last 15 years John has been with the Integrated Electrical Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corporation as an aerospace business development manager and is also actively engaged in defining the Capital aerospace product vision.

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