Mining and Hydrogeology: Porous Media Flow Simulations with COMSOL


This webinar will examine the challenges in mine operation related to groundwater and provides an introduction to simulating subsurface flows with COMSOL Multiphysics. Guest speakers from AMPHOS 21 will discuss the importance of using simulation to better understand fluid flow in porous media to design and optimize metallurgical facilities operations. AMPHOS 21 will show a complex hydrogeological multiphysics simulation accounting for groundwater flow in discrete fractures and the interaction with underground mine galleries. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session..

Speaker: Jorge Molinero, Director of Water and Soils, AMPHOS 21

Jorge received his B.Sc. in Geology, M.Sc. in Hydrogeology and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. He works as the Director of the Water and Soils Department and is a Member of the Board at the consulting company AMPHOS 21, a company specialized in providing solutions for the Mining, Nuclear, Water Resources and Oil industries. He has almost 20 years of experience in hydrogeological modelling for scientific and engineering projects, especially in fractured rock massifs. He has about 100 scientific and technical publications including more than 25 in top scientific journals.

Speaker: Elena Abarca, Project Manager and Senior Consultant, AMPHOS 21

Elena received her B.Sc. in Geology, M.Sc. in Hydrogeology, and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. She is a Project Manager and Senior Consultant at AMPHOS 21. She was previously a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT and has eleven years of experience in numerical modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in porous media. She is involved in a number of projects related to environmental risk assessment of deep geological nuclear waste repositories and in numerical modeling in the framework of mine hydrogeology and CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers.

John Dunec, Vice President of Sales NW US, COMSOL

John Dunec received his PhD from Stanford University in 1983. John has over 25 years of experience in product analysis and development. He started his career at IBM, was successful at an early multiphysics startup, and then ran a product development consulting firm. As a consultant, he was one of COMSOL’s first US customers and is now VP of Sales, North West US and Manager of the Palo Alto office. He has been teaching COMSOL courses throughout the US since 2003.

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