Zoom in On the Details: Multi-Domain Technology for Impact and Crash Simulation


Time step discrepancy is a major bottleneck in explicit computation. Predicting physical phenomena through simulation – such as a full vehicle crash - requires models meshed with either solid or shell elements integrating complex behavior including failure criteria. A local high mesh density is needed to accurately predict rupture modes and map their effects at the global model scale. Due to these smaller elements users are forced to decrease the time step or add artificial mass to insure numerical stability, consequently affecting the computation time and results accuracy of the whole model.

RADIOSS, Altair’s structural analysis solver for highly non-linear problems, offers an efficient solution to this problem, called Multi-Domain technology. It creates independent subdomains by separating parts with different minimal time steps. Each subdomain is computed as a distinct RADIOSS model using its own most efficient time step and benefiting the full processor resource allocated to the job. Force and momentum transfers between subdomains are calculated by a dedicated RADIOSS module satisfying stability requirements.

Performance gain can be very high especially if the size of the subdomain is relatively small in reference to the global model and the time steps ratio very large.

Applications of the technology to innovative commercial products in a variety of industries will be shown during the Webinar.

Who should be attending:

  • Product Design Engineers
  • Industrial Designers
  • CAE Analysts
  • Product Develoopment Managers and Directors


Jean-Michel Terrier, Senior Director, Solvers Business Development, Altair

For more than 25 years Jean Michel Terrier has been working in the hydrodynamic field (crash, impact, explosions) covering automotive, aeronautics, and defense industries. He was involved in many R&D projects and managed several companies in consulting and FEA software distribution.

Jean Michel Terrier studied civil and mechanical engineering at the French Engineering School ESTP (Paris) and received his Master in soil-structure engineering from the French Engineering School Ecole Centrale de Paris (Paris) . ECP is one of the top 2engineering schools in France He also holds an Executive MBA from the European leading Business School HEC (Paris).

Mr. Terrier’s current roles are Altair’s Senior Business Development Director for the HyperWorks solvers and Altair Development France Managing Director.

Jean-Pierre Bobineau, Senior Technical Specialist, RADIOSS , Altair

Dr Jean-Pierre Bobineau has been working in the area of automotive crash and safety simulation for over twenty years, notably 10 years with Ford Motor Company as technical liaison, following 6 years in geo-mechanical and geological process simulation for Oil Industry.

In his current role as Senior Technical Specialist at Altair, Dr. Bobineau performs industrial validation of RADIOSS new developments prior to version releases and explores new applications of the solver.

Dr. Bobineau holds a Master in Applied Geophysics, Paris VI University and a Ph.D in Geology and Mechanics from Ecole Centrale, Paris.

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