Smart Parts: Additive Manufacturing for Integrated Electro-Mechanical Devices


3D-printed electronics deliver benefits that mirror those of 3D-printed mechanical parts. Integrate the two processes into one hybrid solution to amplify the advantages in time savings, cost reduction and design flexibility to achieve unmatched efficiencies and create revolutionary products. Join us to discover what is possible when you integrate electro-mechanical design and manufacturing.

In this Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How the hybrid process works
  • What types of integrated electronics are possible
  • What are the advantages and considerations
  • What the future holds

Target Audience:

  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Engineering Management
  • R&D Professionals


Jeff DeGrange, Vice President of New Business Development and Direct Digital Manufacturing, Stratasys

Jeff is the Vice President of New Business Development and Direct Digital Manufacturing at Stratasys. Jeff has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing technology, including leading an advanced manufacturing research and development program at The Boeing Company as the Senior Technology Manager. Prior to Boeing, DeGrange held positions at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft and Raytheon.

Bill Macy, Application Development Lead, Direct Digital Manufacturing Group, Stratasys

Bill is the Application Development Lead for the Stratasys Direct Digital Manufacturing Group, which is a team of experienced manufacturing technology professionals who act as a resource for manufacturers in high-requirement, high-certification industries like aerospace and defense. Bill’s background includes 20 years of aerospace design and manufacturing experience, including mechanical engineering at Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.

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