Inductive Technology for Precision Position/Displacement Sensing


Although inductive technology is well known for proximity sensing of electrically conductive 'targets', not so well know is inductive 'eddy current' technology for high precision, high resolution position/displacement sensing. Inductive 'eddy current' technology has a long history in automotive test, condition monitoring of rotating equipment and extreme environment test labs. Its application is only limited by the ingenuity of the design or test engineer, but success in applying inductive 'eddy current' technology, or any sensing technology, hinges on a thorough understanding of that technology's capabilities.

This Webinar will cover inductive 'eddy current' basic circuit design, principles of operation, performance capabilities, and error sources. Application concerns, and thumb rules are presented as well as the flexibility of the technology to adapt to specific application requirements.


Dan Spohn, Regional Sales Manager, Kaman Precision Products/Measuring

Dan joined Kaman in 1997 and brought with him over 21 years of experience in the nuclear, semiconductor, analytical instrument, vacuum metallurgy and process gas industries. His familiarity with a diverse variety of industries enhances his effectiveness in applying eddy current technology. As a Regional Sales Manager, Dan is responsible for technical product training and support of both domestic rep organizations, and international distributors covering the western United States, Canada & Mexico, South America, the Far East including China, SE Asia and Australia.


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