Designing With Rare Earth Magnets in Military/Aerospace Applications


Rare earth magnets offer designers the opportunity to reduce weight, improve performance and efficiencies, and lower the cost of their systems. Many applications, including medical devices, oil drilling systems, motors, generators, aircraft, missile systems, submarines, satellite communications, and propulsion systems for space vehicles were enabled by rare earth magnets. Rare earth magnets are used on almost all aerospace/military platforms.

This Webinar will discuss real world problems and solutions and offer advice based on frequently asked questions. Designers will learn the key areas of magnetic circuit design using finite element analysis (FEA) to improve the performance of magnet systems and reduce the cost for new product development. Technical experts from Electron Energy Corporation (EEC), a pioneer in the international rare earth magnet industry, will explain how to design subsystems using rare earth magnets and answer attendees’ questions.

Course Outline:

  • Brief overview of magnetic properties of rare earth magnets and a discussion of what the specifications mean and how to apply the data in magnetic circuit analysis and design.
  • Work through an example of the design of rare earth magnet subsystems using Halbach principles—a very effective approach for applications including motors, generators, data destruction devices, magnetic torque devices, and power tools. Halbach designs can increase the magnetic flux density by 40% without changing the overall dimensions. This is a great weight-saving approach.
  • Understand how to design a magnet coupling system, which can transfer torque / force without contact. Linear or cylindrical coupling systems have many applications such as pumps, mixers, and magnetic gears.
  • See FEA results for designs of systems with high magnetic field uniformity in the air gap for critical applications such as MRI systems, NMR devices for oil drilling and exploration, gyroscopes, accelerometers, isolators, circulators, standard calibration devices, and precision weighing scales.

Speaker: Dr. JinFang Liu Vice President of Operations and Engineering Electron Engineering Corporation

Dr. Jinfang Liu has over 20 years of research experience in the field of rare earth permanent magnets and systems. He is regarded as one of the world’s top experts in magnet technology and has published more than 150 papers in scientific journals and international/national conference proceedings.

Speaker: Michael Walmer President and Owner Electron Energy Corporation

Michael Walmer has devoted his entire professional career to all aspects of rare earth magnets and magnet materials development. He has been with EEC since its inception in 1970 and helped his father Marlin Walmer, the founder of EEC, establish and grow the company from two employees in 1970 to >100 employees today.

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