Making Connections Count with Mobile Medical Devices


The rise of mobile and wireless medical devices is dramatically restructuring the face of the medical industry. In order to get the best performance out of these innovative new products, design engineers are realizing the importance of the underlying electronic interconnects and associated technologies.

The Webinar will focus on these critical elements and their role in supporting the next generation of medical mobile devices. For instance, as the trend toward miniaturization continues, the emphasis becomes not only on making the interconnects smaller, but also delivering a higher level of performance, reliability and durability.

Microminiature, stacking, board-to-board connectors are ideal for the thinnest mobile devices, and provide equipment manufacturers with a range of high-speed connectors that deliver flexibility to meet the tight packaging needs found in medical applications.

Taking miniaturization one step further is the integration of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology into mobile medical devices. To meet the growing need for improved portability and miniaturization, the interconnect industry has stepped up with new extremely-small, low-profile connectors ideal for implementing MEMS in portable medical devices. Critical to the success of all microminiature products is that they deliver the same or greater signal speeds while protecting signal integrity in a compact format.

As density and speed increase, the need to effectively isolate the signals increases proportionally. Traditional methods of shielding may not meet the miniaturized form factor required which has spurred innovative ways to absorb electromagnetic interferences (EMI). An example of a method of converting EMI to heat energy, which incorporates material composed of a dual-layer of magnetic and dielectric material, will be profiled.

Mobile medical device engineers who evaluate these factors early in the design cycle will be able to tap into the best technologies available to meet the growing demand for smaller, more portable devices.

Speaker Bios:

Anthony J. Kalaijakis is Strategic Medical Marketing Manager for Molex Incorporated, Anthony has over two decades of experience in the interconnect industry in various engineering, marketing and sales positions. Expertise is in strategic marketing and product development for the medical industry segment.



Joe Falcone has 15 years experience in the interconnect industry in various roles of sales, marketing, global business development, and product management. He holds a BSEE in electrical engineering and an MBA in finance/marketing. His experience in product management and product development has focused on consumer, mobile, computer/telecom and medical industries.

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