Advanced Thermal Management for LEDs – Practical Solutions When Heat Sinks Aren’t Good Enough


70-80% of the power for LEDs turns into waste heat and higher temperatures degrades their color rendering and operating life. As LED applications require more power, thermal management solutions are becoming increasingly important. Advanced passive thermal technologies including heat pipes and vapor chambers, are finding increasing applications for LEDs because they provide significantly improved heat dissipation and weight and space savings vs. conventional heat sinks. The Webinar will introduce these passive technologies and demonstrate how and when they can be best implemented for today’s challenging LED applications.

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a custom thermal solutions provider specializing in passive thermal management, thermal analysis and design, pumped liquid and two-phase heat transfer, heat pipes, vapor chambers, and thermal storage. ACT’s knowledgeable and experienced personnel, our manufacturing capability, and ISO9001-2008 and AS9100:2009 certified quality systems make us an ideal partner to develop space efficient and cost effective thermal management solutions for the Lighting, Medical, Aerospace and Military markets.


Pete Ritt
Vice President, Technical Services
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Richard Bonner
Manager, Custom Products Group
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

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