Calculate, Analyze, Document, and Share: Increase Productivity and Improve the Accuracy of Engineering Calculations


Do you risk your most important calculations to spreadsheets? Calculations are the heart of engineering and vital to the success of projects and product design. It is essential to capture calculations in a way that is easy to reuse, analyze, and share with others. This allows you to spend more of your time actually engineering.

PTC Mathcad lets you type equations just as you would write them on a blackboard or read them in a reference book. There’s no difficult programming language or syntax to learn; you simply type in your equations and see the results. You can use the equations to solve virtually any math problem you encounter. And you can place text, images, and 2D and 3D plots anywhere on the worksheet to document your work.

Join us for this FREE Webinar, where John Sheehan, Technical Fellow at PTC, will walk through demos of complex plots and graphs, multi-threaded calculations, custom functions, solving systems of equations, integration & interoperability with other engineering tools, and documentation capabilities using PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0.


John Sheehan
Technical Fellow

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