SystemC Virtual Platform Creation


Virtual platforms are abstract simulation models that mimic the functionality of a product. A key step in the maturity of virtual platforms was the release of the IEEE standard 1666 for SystemC, a standard selected by the industry as the preferred implementation language. However, many design teams lack SystemC expertise.

xtUML is a modeling language that allows complete behaviors to be described using a higher level of abstraction. The language is easier to learn than SystemC and is similar to the behavioral languages already used in many technical domains.

This presentation showcases the capabilities of using xtUML for creating virtual platform components and systems.


Dean McArthur
Technical Marketing Engineer
Mentor Graphics

Dean McArthur is a Technical Marketing Engineer, working on the BridgePoint xtUML product line at Mentor Graphics. As such, he assists consumer electronics, automotive, and medical equipment companies use advanced systems engineering and design practices during the development of their latest products.

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