Reverse Engineering: The First Step to Efficient Design and Analysis in the Aerospace Industry


Reverse engineering is fast becoming a more popular method of creating 3D data without existing CAD files. This process reconstructs classic designs and implements new ones. It can generate lost or absent design documentation and update or create “as-built” documentation.

3D laser scanning is the most advanced method for reverse engineering today. Non-contact 3D laser scanning integrates 3D modeling processes into a single step. Modern portable 3D laser scanning devices are becoming smaller, lighter, and a more affordable solution that provides the convenience of completing work on site and achieving accurate results.

3D laser scanning can drastically improve processes for upgrading existing aerospace systems by providing data for design and rapid prototyping of ancillary onboard systems. This method can also provide input for analysis, simulations (e.g. CFD and FEA), and for constructing accurate wind–tunnel test models using classic manufacturing methods or 3D printing.


Arie Prosvetov
Applications Engineer
Faro Technologies

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