Heat Pipe Design and Modeling: Theory, Finite Element Analysis, and Applications


Today’s finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software packages allow designers to identify thermal challenges early in the design process, but models are only as accurate as their boundary conditions.

Participants will learn how to model heat pipes based on the single and two-phase heat transfer modes involved with these thermal super conductors. Heat pipes are passive two phase heat transfer devices that are highly effective at moving and spreading heat. Heat pipe technology provides designers with heat sink selection flexibility and can reduce system complexity. With enhanced heat spreading, forced convection air cooled heat sinks may be used in place of liquid loops, or natural convection may be used instead of forced air.

This Webinar will review how heat pipes function, when heat pipes should be used, design considerations, and methods to quickly determine if heat pipe embedded aluminum (HiK™ Plates) are needed in any solid conduction application. The viewer will also learn how to model heat pipes in FEA and CFD calculations. Join ACT’s thermal experts to learn about heat pipes, how to model them, and the thermal benefits the technology offers.


Mr. Bryan Muzyka
Sales Manager
Advanced Cooling Technologies

Mr. Jens Weyant
Lead Engineer, Defense and Aerospace Group
Advanced Cooling Technologies

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