Why Bad Things Happen (Sometimes) to Good Medical Devices (and Companies) . . . and How to Prevent It!


It’s often been said “left to their own devices, Engineers would create the best product that no one would buy – or use”! But before everyone screams and yells at their PC, tablet, or other “digital communicator”, let’s take a minute and reflect.

Engineers such as ourselves take great pride in our education, job earned skills, experience, and overall “problem solving” expertise. Every day we work to bring the best of what we have to our world – the world of medical devices and technology which in some way or another improves the quality of someone’s life, saves lives or enables people to have a “fresh start” on their endeavors because of the inventions and products we bring to market.

Unfortunately, more technologies, products, and companies fail than succeed in either getting to market or remaining a solid player. The purpose of this Webinar is to examine some of the reasons this happens – and suggest solid ways we can all work to avoid company and product launch failures.

With over four decades in the medical device industry, in both successful and failed enterprises, I think my perspective on “how it should be done” can provide valuable insight to others endeavoring to bring their products to market. Join me on June 25th to learn more!


Stuart L. Gallant
VP, Engineering and Product Development

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