Improve Product Efficiency and Cost of Ownership - A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Hose and Air Spring Products


Today's system designers and operators not only expect quality products, but also expect longer lasting components that offer long-term value through extended mean time between failures.

Join us for this Webinar to learn more about how industrial hoses and air springs are designed for longevity to increase the reliability and decrease the total cost of ownership of any machine or system.

Product applications will be discussed for chemicals, aircraft refueling, beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, water, steam, autogeneous, construction, transport, offshore, building trade, and specialty industries.


Peter Tiedemann
ContiTech North America
Product Sales Manager – Industrial Hoses, NAFTA Region

Douglas A. Duesing, CFPS
ContiTech North America
Product Manager – Industrial Air Springs, NAFTA Region

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