For as long as radar, weapons targeting, and other electronic systems have been used in aerospace and defense applications, design engineers have employed gimbals as a means to protect them. But sealing these gimbals is a balancing act, requiring the right mix of friction, minimal leak rate and maximum service life.

This Webinar will help participants gain a deeper understanding of evolving gimbal design requirements as driven by advances in ISR, targeting, HEL beam, lasercom, and other systems (increased accuracy/pointing stability), aircraft design technology (reduced weight and improved performance ceilings), MIL standards and manufacturer demands.

It will also examine the critical role seals play in gimbal performance, address the relationship between seal and gimbal hardware engineering, and explore seal material and design alternatives that can help meet specific survivability, pressure, media compatibility and life cycle/maintenance requirements. Seal testing criteria will also be discussed.


James Mecredy, Global Market Manager, Aerospace and Defense for Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

Karina Chavez, Applications Engineer for Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

Brian Goldberg, CEO/CTO & Founder for Adsys Controls Inc.

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