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The development of new propulsion technologies has been the focus of R&D looking to provide the functionality needed for unmanned aircraft systems, including vertical takeoff and landing, long endurance, stealthy operations, and stability in hostile environments. Their development also incorporates advances in scalability, re-configurability, and extensions that host functions to legitimate business opportunities such as goods delivery, agriculture, firefighting, news gathering, and military operations. Success means reduced operation and maintenance costs as well as less complexity, but it also brings higher functioning systems.

This 60-minute Webinar highlights key issues in the development and certification of advanced propulsion technologies, discusses potential challenges and solutions, and looks at new approaches and ideas. It also includes an audience Q&A after the technical presentations.


David Ransom, Manager, Southwest Research Institute
Jeff Ratcliffe, CTO and Engineering Services Business Development Manager, Northwest UAV
Dr. Karen Swider Lyons, Ph.D., Alternative Energy Section Head, Chemistry Division, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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