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If you’re masking with conventional methods, you know the challenges associated with complex design configurations and need for reliable protection from aggressive chemical processes, high-temperature coatings, or surface treatment processes. Even minute gaps or voids in coverage can result in edge-lift and leakage that can significantly compromise protection and adversely impact your bottom line.

Manufacturers, faced with challenging economic conditions, are continuously seeking ways to reduce costs without sacrificing product quality. Optimizing process efficiency and minimizing material consumption are viable pathways to significant reductions in manufacturing expense. Temporary UV-curable maskants provide reliable surface protection under harsh conditions and are an ideal choice for many surface treatment and machining operations.

This white paper outlines:

  • The different types of masking resins, how they work, and the applications they are used for
  • The benefits of using light-curable masking resins versus traditional masking methods such as lacquers, waxes, tapes, and customized boots, plugs, or caps

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