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How to cut costs, improve quality, and differentiate your products with a software-based approach to machine automation

OEMs have long relied on expensive, cumbersome hardware like FPGAs and DSPs for precision motion control. But new advances in software-based machine automation are changing that paradigm, with huge potential benefits.

In “A Soft Control Architecture,” you’ll read a detailed analysis of the 5 top trends driving the soft motion approach, and how they translate to real business results. These include:

  • Increasingly powerful x86 processor technologies
  • Renewed commitment to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software
  • Advances in COTS-based field buses
  • Convergence of components in system design
  • New touch-centered usability and motion-sensing technologies

In addition, you’ll learn the key characteristics of a successful soft control architecture, and how to optimize best practices for soft control in your own environment. Download the paper today to start differentiating your products, reducing costs, and gaining the precision and control you need.

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