Natural Food Actives for Positive Mood Enhancement

The overall consumer experience of foods is impacted by various sensory factors including taste, texture, and smell, as well as by ingredients that occur naturally in various foods, which can directly impact one’s mood. Food additives also affect various mood neuro-actives, such as serotonin, adenosine, endorphins, and oxytocin, either through increasing their biosynthesis or by modulating their receptors. A company seeks cost-effective food actives that enhance positive moods in consumers. The technology must be derived from natural sources and be safe for human consumption.

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Insect Processing Technologies for Chicken Feed

The growing scarcity of resources to produce increasingly demanded ingredients, such as soybean meal and animal protein meals, has doubled feed costs in the recent years. Thus, alternative protein sources, including insects, are urgently needed. Insects must be introduced in the feed chain, and multiple quality parameters need to be taken into account: quality, availability, and cost. Expectations for new technologies include a processing method for the insect, nutritional evaluation, identification of microbiological problems, and financial evaluation to understand the viability of the business.

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