Power Modules

TDK-Lambda Americas, National City, CA, introduced the TDK-Lambda PFE1000FA series of AC-DC power modules that enables designers to utilize a single device containing power factor correction, regulation, and input-output isolation. The modules operate from a universal input of 85- 265Vac, and are available with nominal outputs of 12, 28, and 48Vdc. They deliver full power with an operating baseplate temperature range of -40 to +100 °C.

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Electronics Enclosures

Intermas US, Alpharetta, GA, offers cabinets, housings, sub-racks, and accessories for 19" rack systems and small form factors used in PCI, VME/VME64x, cPCI, IEEE, and communication applications with EMI- and RFI-shielded protection. InterShell aluminum housing enclosures are composed of a top and bottom, two front panels, and four screws, and are used for the packaging of small electronic units such as Eurocard formats with 100 × 160 mm, universal formats, or as mITX formats.

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Smart Graphics Displays

The OMEGA® OM-SGD Series panel meters from OMEGA Engineering, Stamford, CT, are bright color TFT smart graphics displays available in three screen sizes. They offer an operating power supply voltage range of 4 to 30 Vdc and two alarm outputs. Waterproof NEMA 6 (IP67) versions are also available. Customized colors, text labels, input scaling, and units can be specified before uploading the selected display configuration to the meter via USB interface to the PC.

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Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The Global Specialties DSC-5300 digital storage oscilloscope from Global Specialties, Yorba Linda, CA, is a portable benchtop instrument used for making measurements of signals and waveforms. The oscilloscope offers two channels with a bandwidth of up to 50 MHz. With a real-time sampling rate of up to 500 MSa/s and 32 kpts of deep memory, it provides analysis on a 7" color LCD display. Users can save or load to and from the scope using 10 internal locations for waveforms and 20 locations for scope settings.

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Coin Cell Batteries

llinois Capacitor, a subsidiary of Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Lincolnwood, IL, offers RJD Series lithium-ion coin cell batteries that feature encapsulation technology that increases storage capacity by completely utilizing the space within the cell case. The batteries are available in eight capacity levels, leaded or with conventional flat terminals. Each is rated at 3.7VDC. Operating temperature range is -20 to +60 °C.

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Breakthrough Energy Innovation: Ambition and Urgency

Climate change goals, customer sustainability expectations and pressure to reduce waste demand ambition and urgency from industry to deliver breakthrough energy innovation. Engineering simulation is a key enabler to achieve these breakthroughs. From startups to multinationals, businesses are using engineering simulation to explore the much broader design spaces in the areas of advanced electrification, machine and fuel efficiency, aerodynamic design, effective lightweighting and thermal optimization.

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NASA’s Pursuit of Power

Advances in batteries and propulsion enable innovations in both terrestrial and deep-space power applications.

Advances in Capacitor Materials

Electrochemical capacitors, or supercapacitors, have gained intense interest as an alternative to traditional energy storage devices. Applications for supercapacitors range from plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to backup power sources. While the power density of supercapacitors surpasses that of batteries, commercially available batteries have a significantly higher specific energy density.

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AGM Thumbtack™ Valves for Small Enclosures: Smaller and Drier

Sensitive equipment such as optics and electronics can be damaged by humidity and condensation. Placing moisture-sensitive equipment inside a sealed enclosure reduces the risk of damage, but temperature and pressure variations can be problematic for a sealed enclosure if it does not have a pressure-relief mechanism.

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Tailor-made Computing Solutions Require Diverse I/O Functions

More than ever, users from industry and transportation expect the full system solution, but no longer want to have to worry about the cumbersome configuration and integration of individual hardware components and adapting the software. There is a very simple reason for this: the system supplier of their choice reduces the time to market and is also responsible for the entire system at the same time.

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Stackable Form-Factor Peripheral Component Interconnect Device and Assembly

Applications include fault-tolerant computing systems, high-speed data acquisition, embedded servers, and intelligent transportation systems.

The invention is a design for a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) local bus controller and target in a PC/104-Plus form-factor. The design uses a flash-based field programmable gate array (FPGA) to provide immediate functionality from power-on to avoid delay after power is applied. It can be reprogrammed from connectors directly on the board, and is able to both receive and drive the clock for system and local peripherals, allowing it to function as either a PCI bus host controller or PCI target device interface. Fully compliant with the PC/104-Plus specification, the design has associated schematics and Gerber files in a vendor-ready state. The design was developed to support ongoing research in fault-tolerant computing systems.

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