Multi-Mission Power Analysis Tool

Multi-Mission Power Analysis Tool (MMPAT) Version 2 simulates spacecraft power generation, use, and storage in order to support spacecraft design, mission planning, and spacecraft operations. It can simulate all major aspects of a spacecraft power subsystem. It is parametrically driven to reduce or eliminate the need for a programmer.

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Universal Energy Harvesting Kit

Cymbet Corporation (Elk River, MN) has introduced its EnerChip™ EP CBC-EVAL-09 Universal Energy Harvesting evaluation kit. The EVAL-09 supports all types of ambient energy harvesting from light, vibration, thermal gradients, and flow/motion.

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Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Technology for High-Altitude Airships

The High Altitude Airship (HAA) has various application potential and mission scenarios that require onboard energy harvesting and power distribution systems. The power technology for HAA maneuverability and mission-oriented applications must come from its surroundings, e.g. solar power.

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Implantable Contact System for Medical Pulse Generation Devices

Stack integrates electrical contacts and isolation seals to serve as a scalable solution for lead interfaces in implantable devices used in cardiac rhythm management and neuromodulation.An integrated seal and electrical contact system for medical implantable pulse generators (IPGs) has been engineered to help large and small OEMs accelerate the development process, reduce device volume, and improve functionality.

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GigE-Vision®-Compliant Receivers for the Networked Operating Room

A new type of system offers ultra-low-latency image transmission and low jitter for surgical environments.When vision system integrators are designing systems for hospital operating rooms, they have a number of technologies to choose from. The video interfacing technology with which the system will transmit imaging data to PCs or other system elements has traditionally been limited to point-to-point connections. However, as medical diagnostics and image-guided surgery grow in sophistication and demand, the need for a networked video architecture in the operating room also grows.

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High-Power Switches for Future Energy Supply Networks

Renewable energy comes out of an electricity socket, but to get there it has to travel a long journey – from wind turbines out at sea or regional solar, wind, and biogas power plants. On the way to the consumer much energy is lost, but new electronic components will change things in future.

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Nickel-Zinc Battery System Technology

Société de Conseil et de Prospective Scientifique (SCPS), located in Rosny-sous-Bois, France, developed a technology that allows the nickel-zinc battery system to work as close as possible to its theoretical performance, with a long cycle life.

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