Electricity and Carbon Offsets from Hog Waste

A system constructed by Duke University and Duke Energy on a hog finishing facility converts hog waste into electricity and creates carbon offset credits. Google, which invests in carbon offsets to fulfill its own carbon neutrality goals, announced its endorsement of the project this week.

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Innovative Heat-Regulating Building Material

Researchers at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China (UNNC) have invented a material that can retain and release heat according to specific temperature requirements. The material could be used in both new and existing structures and offer considerable energy savings.

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Human Gait to Power Portable Electronics

Engineering researchers Tom Krupenkin and J. Ashley Taylor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new energy-harvesting technology that could reduce our dependence on batteries and instead capture the energy of human motion to power portable electronics.

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New Supercapacitor Offers Robust, Versatile Energy Storage

Rice University researchers have created a solid-state, nanotube-based supercapacitor that combines the best qualities of high-energy batteries and fast-charging capacitors in a device suitable for extreme environments. Potential uses span on-chip nanocircuitry to entire power plants.

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Funding for Solid-State Lighting R&D

The Department of Energy has announced the availability of up to $12 million in funding for energy-saving lighting technologies. The DOE will invest in projects to accelerate research and development of solid-state lighting technologies like LEDs and OLEDs.

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Updated ENERGY STAR Specifications

The EPA is introducing new ENERGY STAR requirements for home dishwashers and furnaces, and evaluating how to best address and encourage smart grid functionality in ENERGY STAR specifications like refrigerators and air conditioning units.

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The August Issue of Lighting Technology Is Here

The new issue of Lighting Technology has more new feature articles, application stories, tech briefs, products, videos, and research news - all on the latest advances in LEDs and solid-state lighting.

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