World's First Full-Scale Floating Windmill to Undergo Testing

News of the world's first full-scale floating windmill being built spread over a year ago. Now, the Hywind has reached its final destination, where it will face rigorous testing. The Hywind concept combines known technologies in a novel way: a 2.3 MW wind turbine is attached to the top of a Spar-buoy, a solution familiar from production platforms and offshore loading buoys. It captures the wind's energy where the wind is strongest – out at sea.

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Flexible Solar Cell Technology Lights Up Bus Shelter

New flexible solar cell technology, developed by engineering researchers at McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, has been installed in a campus bus shelter to provide power lighting for night-time transit users. The ability to bend the solar cells to fit the curved roof of the bus shelter is one of the main features of the technology.

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