Hermetic Feedthroughs Safeguard Mission-Critical Electronics

Experts specializing in electronics failure analysis can list a host of reasons for various malfunctions, but one of the most common causes is simple moisture. Because water and electronics do not mix well, several strategies exist to protect mission-critical components from moisture and condensation. One of the most successful methods of protecting key components from water hazards involves hermetically sealed electronics cavities—enabled by moisture-blocking component assemblies such as hermetic feedthrough technology.

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Full-Wave Matching Circuit Optimization Shortens Design Iterations

Full-wave matching circuit optimization (FW-MCO) is a new technology introduced by Remcom, which combines full wave 3D EM simulation and circuit optimization to solve an age-old RF problem:determining which component values provide the desired match for a given matching network layout.

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Protecting the Sky - Signal Monitoring of Radio Controlled Civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Possible Countermeasures

This whitepaper provides insights into the use, specifications, and impact of Radio Controlled (RC) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (commonly referred to as “drones”). UAVs intended for recreational use are increasingly being used for other (sometimes hostile) purposes. These include: observing/disturbing public events, spying in protected areas, smuggling contraband into prisons, endangering/threatening commercial air traffic, and entering restricted airspace. A technical approach for countering the threats posed by such drones is described, and includes: monitoring the spectrum for relevant signals, identification of frequency-agile RC signals, direction finding, and possible defensive countermeasures.

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