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Using Surge Testers for Design Verification and Production Testing
Posted in Features, Electronic Components, Power Management, Power Supplies, FDA Compliance/Regulatory Affairs, Measuring Instruments, Monitoring on Sunday, 01 March 2015
Not only are medical devices expected to function as intended, they must meet ergonomic, safety, FDA and functional requirements. They must be designed to function in adverse environments; sometimes in the operating room; sometimes in an emergency vehicle for example. If a device is patient connected, it is also expected to function within proscribed parameters in the presence of a defibrillation pulse. These parameters differ depending on the type of device. All devices must pass an isolation test designed to ensure that the pulse will not affect the device’s signal input part/signal output part (SIP/SOP) ports; and effective with the Third Edition of IEC 60601-1, they must demonstrate that they absorb less than 10 percent of the defibrillation pulse. ECG monitoring equipment either for hospital (IEC 60601-2-27) or emergency use (IEC 60601-2-25) is additionally subject to performance requirements after a defibrillation pulse is applied.
Product of the Month: Custom Tuned and Terminated Micro-coaxial Assemblies
Posted in Products, Electronic Components, Displays/Monitors/HMIs, Surgical Robotics/Instruments on Sunday, 01 March 2015
High Speed Interconnects, Scottsdale, AZ, announces custom, fine-wire and fine-pitch diagnostic imaging assemblies for medical device OEMs producing next-generation ultrasound equipment.
LT Series Panel Mount Miniature Trackball
Posted in Products, Electronic Components on Sunday, 01 March 2015
APEM, Inc., Vista, CA, introduces its new LT Series panel mount miniature trackball, a contactless device utilizing an advanced laser tracking technology to provide precise and accurate cursor control, with the versatility to fit most applications. The trackball is IP68 sealed and offers a standard removable bezel for easy cleaning, ensuring optimal performance in medical devices.
Power Entry Modules for V-Lock Cord Retaining
Posted in Products, Electronic Components, Power Management on Sunday, 01 March 2015
SCHURTER Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, announces its compact KFA and DA22 series power entry modules, with mating V-Lock cord sets, which are ideal for use in medical devices. The V-Lock compatible feature prevents unintended disconnection of the power from the equipment. The cord set safely latches into a notch in the plastic housing of the modules.
Mixed Signal Microcontroller Family
Posted in Products, Electronic Components on Sunday, 01 March 2015
Mouser Electronics, Inc., Mansfield, TX, is now stocking the MSP430i202x Mixed Signal Microcontroller Family from Texas Instruments. This low-power 16MHz 16-bit RISC microcontroller has up to four 24-bit sigma-delta analog to digital converters with differential programmable gain amplifier inputs. Additional features include a hardware multiplier, 75nA shutdown mode, and a temperature sensor.
Linear Voice Coil Actuator
Posted in Products, Electronic Components, Motors & Drives on Sunday, 01 March 2015
BEI Kimco, Vista, CA, introduces its small, yet powerful model LAH04-10-000A Linear Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) as the latest addition to its extensive line of housed moving magnet actuators. BEI Kimco’s housed moving magnet actuator offering covers the size range from 0.375" to 2.4" in outside diameter with a wide selection of stroke lengths, peak force, as well as full customization.
C 632 MOS Precision Capacitors
Posted in Products, Electronic Components on Sunday, 01 March 2015
Dionics-USA, Inc., Westbury, NY, offers a new line of C 632 MOS capacitor arrays, housed in 8 pin SOIC surface mount packages, providing precise, user-adjustable capacitance values that range from as low as 1 pF up to 63 pF in 1 pF increments. The final desired value is selected by making parallel connections to the appropriate 1 pF, 2pF, 4pF, 8pF, 16pF, and 32pF leads.

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