First NC/NO Tactile Pushbutton Switches

MEC, an APEM Inc. company, Vista, CA, is launching its Multimec® 5 Series NC/NO switches, the market’s first NC/NO tactile pushbutton switch, to simplify design, increase functionality, and enhance safety features in their products. The switches offer NC (make), NO (break) and NC/NO (switch over, multifunction) functionalities, especially for use in medical applications.

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Novel Biological Sources for Implantable Battery Materials

Where will the next source of electrode materials for batteries to power edible medical devices come from? Would you believe, from marine cuttlefish? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, say that melanin pigments in cuttlefish ink provides the perfect chemistry and nanostructure to power tiny electronic devices that can be either ingested or implanted into the body for applications ranging from biosensing to drug delivery.

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Transistor for High-Performance Devices at Low Voltage

A team of scientists at Penn State, University Park, PA, say that a new type of transistor could make fast, low-power computing devices possible for energy-constrained applications such as implantable medical electronics, smart sensor networks, and ultra-mobile computing. Called a near broken-gap tunnel field effect transistor (TFET), the new device uses the quantum mechanical tunneling of electrons through an ultrathin energy barrier to provide high current at low voltage.

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Automating and Accelerating Telemetry Device Testing

The value of highly accurate, automated, and measurable testing for medical devices cannot be overestimated. As devices become more complex, and patient care becomes increasingly personalized, it’s never been more essential to ensure that each medical device performs reliably and exactly to specifications. Realistically, the first, tenth, and hundredth device off the production line must perform identically, regardless of the test station operator or other test environment variables.

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Product of the Month: Medical Grade Tantalum Capacitors

AVX Corporation, Greenville, SC, introduces the TAZ HRC5000 Medical Grade Tantalum Series. Designed for use in implantable medical devices, the new high-reliability, medical-grade tantalum capacitor series is rated for 4V to 50V and -55ºC to +125ºC, has a capacitance range of 0.1μF to 330μF, and features extremely low DC leakage limits well below typical industry values. Available in case sizes ranging from A-H, the TAZ HRC5000 Series capacitors are some of the smallest tantalum chip capacitors currently on the market.

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First Source Measure Unit Instrument with an Interactive Touchscreen Display

Keithley Instruments, Inc., Cleveland, OH, announces the first benchtop Source Measure Unit (SMU) instrument with a capacitive touchscreen graphical user interface. The Model 2450 SourceMeter® SMU Instrument combines an intuitive touchscreen, icon-based control, a context-sensitive help function, “Quickset” modes that speed instrument configuration, and on-screen graphing capabilities.

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Sensor-Enabled RFID Tags

ams AG, Unterpremstaetten, Austria, announces its next-generation sensor-enabled radio-frequency identification RFID tags, the SL13A and SL900A, which enable a simple, low-cost implementation of a new class of wireless data-logging applications. The devices include an onboard temperature sensor, an interface to an external sensor, and can operate in passive (batteryless) mode.

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