Ergonomic Connectors
Posted in Electronics & Computers, Electronics, Products, MDB on Sunday, 01 May 2011
LEMO USA (Rohnert Park, CA) has introduced the REDEL® XP Connector Series, designed using a plastic material that is resistant to sterilization. The latching system is embedded in the shell for increased impact resistance with a high contact density for medical applications, ranging from catheters to surgical instruments. It is available with four different keyways to prevent inadvertent cross connects or misconnects. The outer shell standard color is gray with an option of white or black. Backnuts and receptacle front nuts are available in seven colors for application identification. Contact configurations range from 4 to 22 contacts and can be crimp or solder type. The new design features an ergonomic grip for surgeons and medical staff.
Ultrasound Imaging Chipset
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The MD1715 and TC8020 ultrasound driver chipset from Supertex (Sunnyvale, CA) generates a five level waveform for high-resolution imaging in medical ultrasound applications. The MD1715 is a two-channel logic controller circuit with 12 low impedance, high speed, MOSFET gate drivers. It has two sets of control logic inputs, each set containing three pairs of MOSFET gate drivers designed to tightly match the drive requirements of the TC8020. The TC8020 is the output stage of the pulser, with six pairs of N- and P-channel MOSFETs. It is designed to have high input impedance and provides typical peak currents of ±3.5 amps at 200V and fast switching speed. The MD1715 is available in a 40-lead QFN package (MD1715K6-G) and the TC8020 is available in a 56-lead QFN package (TC8020K6-G).
Compact Power Supplies
Posted in Electronics & Computers, Electronics, Products, MDB on Sunday, 01 May 2011
Protek Power (Hudson, MA) has introduced the PM202 and PU202 Series AC/DC power supplies, which offer 200 watts of performance for a variety of applications ranging from patient vicinity medical devices to laboratory equipment. The power supplies accept a 90-264VAC universal input. Single output models have voltages ranging from 12VDC to 48VDC. The compact and low profile, 3" 5" 1.5" footprint makes the series suitable for designs with critical space constraints. Units provide 150W of power in convection cooled environments and 200W with forced air cooling.
System Uses Electrical Trickery on the Brain to Induce Realistic Spaceflight Effects
Posted in Electronics & Computers, Electronics, Features, MDB on Friday, 01 April 2011
What does it feel like to return to Earth after a long stay in space? Until now, it has been difficult during astronaut training to realistically simulate the dizzying effects the human body can experience.

Design Considerations for Battery Connectors
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As medical devices become more portable and miniaturized, their power connections must evolve to meet these demands.

The future of batteries, like that of so many medical devices they power, is clearly toward smaller, lighter, and more powerful models. Developing concurrently with these new battery designs are battery connectors. As battery connection devices evolve, they have to meet a number of challenges, including: rapid growth of designs; rugged construction; high-density packaging; manufacturing costs; and environmental concerns.
Switching Regulators
Posted in Electronics & Computers, Electronics, Products, MDB on Friday, 01 April 2011
Mornsun America (Hudson, MA) has introduced the K78xx-2000 Series of three terminal switching regulators that are suitable for linear regulators. The series offers input ranges spanning    4.75VDC    to 18VDC, with positive or negative outputs of 2.5VDC, 3.3VDC, 5VDC, and 6.5VDC. An output rating of up to 2A allows for up to 13W of power in a miniature SIP package with a choice of straight or bent leads. The operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to 85 °C.
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Arrays
Posted in Electronics & Computers, Electronics, Products, MDB on Friday, 01 April 2011
AVX Corporation (Greenville, SC) offers multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) arrays in 0405 and 0508 packages and four-element arrays in 0508 and 0612 packages with capacitance values ranging from 1 pf to 2.2 uf and voltages of 6.3 V to 100 V. The switched capacitor voltage doubling inverters are available in SO8 and miniature SO8 packages and a completed circuit would require the IC and three periphery capacitors. The arrays have been used in switched capacitor voltage doubling inverter designs to reduce the footprint and an operating efficiency greater than 90% with most loads.

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