Power-Assist Control Interface for Wheelchairs
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This technology monitors input and effort, and instantly adapts the device to real-world conditions.

A computer-controlled, programmable control interface allows safe, intuitive manual control for motorized wheelchairs that operate in variable terrain. The key feature of this technology is its proprietary computer program that enables an operator to manage a load as if it were light and on a smooth level surface, no matter what the real-world load or grade is. Operation is completely intuitive and does not require manipulation of throttle and/or brakes.

Medical Socket Strip
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Interpower (Oskaloosa, IA) has introduced a medical socket strip with an attached hospital-grade power cord and six NEMA hospital-grade outlets. It features a manual reset circuit breaker, no inlet or outlet covers, and no connector locks. It is rated for a maximum of 15A with service at 125V. The attached power cord can be ordered in lengths up to 25 ft.

Power Supply
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The MTB080 Series switch mode power supply from International Components Corporation (Chicago, IL) features a power density of 12.5 watts per cubic inch. It measures 2 × 4 × 1" and is suitable for medical applications with limited space and little to no airflow. The MTB080 series delivers 80 watts of continuous output power with convection cooling which rises to 100 watts with just 5 CFM of forced air. The 80-watt series also delivers a long holdup time for reliable operation at more than 28 ms at any input voltage. It features a leading edge converter efficiency of up to 91% at 230VAC (input to output), and 120% peak power for up to 500 ms.
Molded Interconnect Device Technology Enables Smaller Medical Devices
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The need to minimize healthcare costs is creating greater demand for equipment that, among other things, improves and expands patient diagnostics, both inside and outside healthcare facilities. For example, portable medical instruments such as glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, and oxygen meters can be designed with communication capabilities to provide continuous information to caregivers almost anywhere. Smaller handheld devices can also improve various diagnostic procedures in dentistry and medical offices. In addition, these smaller portable devices can improve the quality of life for patients who use them. While such devices hold the promise of improved care at lower cost, they require advanced technologies that allow greater miniaturization to further improve portability and functionality.
AC/DC Power Supply
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Daitron (Wilsonville, OR) has released the MFS series of low-noise AC-DC power supply products that provide 50W of switching power for noise-sensitive medical applications. They feature an output noise of less than 10mV (rms) range and meet EMI class 8 requirements. Leakage current is less than 75 μA at 264VAC input condition, and 40 μA at 132VAC input. Voltage output options include 5, 12, 15, 24, 30, and 48V. Applications include medical instruments, test and measurement instruments, and X-ray microscopes.
Power Supplies
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Protek Power North America (Hudson, MA) offers the PM42 Series of AC/DC power supplies that provide 30-48W and compliance to both EN60101-1 medical safety standards and EN60950-1 ITE safety standards. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including patient vicinity medical devices, dental electronics, and laboratory equipment. They accept a 90-264VAC universal input, and are available in single, dual, and triple output models with voltages ranging from 5VDC to 48VDC. The power supplies also offer leakage current of 150uA maximum at 264VAC, and 4000VDC input-ground withstand voltage. EMC performance meets Level B standards.
RF/EMI Shields
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Photofabrication Engineering (Milford, MA) has introduced a line of EMI/RF shields with snap-on/snap-off covers, allowing access to components within the shields. The shields are designed to protect components from radio frequency/electromagnetic interference and environmental hazards, and to provide electrical grounding in medical and biomedical equipment. Standard forming tools are available in any size and shape to create covers that attach onto a fence, yet can be removed and replaced easily. The photochemically etched fences have grooves etched approximately 50% of the material thickness, so custom spring finger designs snap into them firmly. Shielding options for circuit board applications include one-piece or two-piece construction; standard base materials such as brass, tin, tin-lead, nickel, copper, and cold-rolled steel, all of which can be provided with solderable plating; and nickel-silver base material, which does not require additional finishing because it is already solderable.

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