EP13 Plus DC/DC Transformer Platform

Pulse Electronics Corporation, San Diego, CA, announces its new EP13 Plus platform that delivers 25% more power handling capability than the industry standard EP13 platform in the same PCB footprint. This catalog series of 12 isolation transformers is designed for multiple input voltage ranges (9 to 57v and 33 to 57v) and can provide six different output voltage combinations from 3.3v to 24v.

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Micro-Dimensionair II Portable Air Gage

Mahr Federal, Inc., Providence, RI, announces the new Micro- Dimensionair® II, the next generation of its line of portable air gages, which incorporates an enhanced digital indicator and an interchangeable handle to provide accurate, convenient readouts at the measurement site. Its digital dial rotates through 270 degrees, and the IP-54 rated gage provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

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Surge-Gard™ InRush NTC Thermistors

API Technologies Corp., Orlando, FL, announces its latest NTC thermistors, Surge-Gard™ inrush current limiting devices, which help reduce circuit failures and lower rectifier costs by reducing required peak forward surge current ratings. Featuring steady state current ratings ranging from 1 to 36 amps, they offer maximum current protection when the power supply is turned on.

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Precious Metal Clad Wire

Anomet Products, Inc., Shrewsbury, MA, provides Precious Metal Clad Wire, which can be formulated to accentuate specific performance characteristics such as strength, radiopacity, and corrosion-, contact-, or temperature- resistance. Featuring a precious metal metallurgically bonded to a core material, this composite clad wire is functionally equivalent to solid wire at one-tenth the cost.

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New Class of Transparent, Stretchable Electrodes Created

Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology (UNIST), South Korea, has created contact lenses fitted with inorganic light-emitting diode, and tested them on a live rabbit with no side effects. This new class of hybrid transparent and stretchable electrodes, they say, could pave the way for flexible displays, solar cells, and wearable electronics.

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Security Risks in Sensors for Medical Devices

According to a new study conducted in controlled laboratory conditions, sensors that pick up the rhythm of a beating heart in implanted cardiac defibrillators and pacemakers are vulnerable to hacking. In experiments using simulated human models, an international team of researchers demonstrated that they could, theoretically, create an erratic heartbeat with radio frequency electromagnetic waves. A false signal, like the one they created, could inhibit needed pacing or induce unnecessary defibrillation shocks. However, the researchers stated that they know of no case where a hacker has corrupted an implanted cardiac device, and that doing so in the real world would be extremely difficult.

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Key Considerations for Integrating Wireless Technology in Medical Devices

Significant opportunities exist to incorporate wireless technology into medical devices. Wireless technology increases the effectiveness of countless every day functions. While some simply are about the convenience factor, like being able to quickly transmit patient records from one hospital to another via email, others have the power to be lifesaving. Medical device manufacturers know that there is significant opportunity to incorporate wireless technology into medical devices. However, design engineers who are extremely knowledgeable about the design of medical devices face a number of challenges in marrying off-the-shelf wireless chipsets with proprietary medical devices in development.

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