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Displacement Sensors to Monitor Valve Health and Prevent Rocket Engine Test Failures

Eddy-current displacement sensorsLion PrecisionSt. Paul, MN651-484-6544 www.lionprecision.comStennis Space Center, NASA’s Mississippi-based headquarters for testing space vehicles’ rocket propulsion systems, will work in cooperation with displacement sensor manufacturer Lion Precision to develop a smart sensor and associated communication protocols that monitor both valve position and wear. The facility enables the testing of rocket engines and rocket engine components while holding them stationary.

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NASA Satellite System Ground Segment to Receive Update

Ground system telecommunications architectureGeneral Dynamics C4 SystemsFalls Church, VA480-441-3033 part of its seven-year contract with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, General Dynamics C4 Systems will focus on making improvements to the ground system and network for NASA’s Tracking Data and Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) constellation.

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LEDs Illuminate Major Bridge in China

Philips Lumileds, San Jose, CA National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA Abridge lighting project was recently completed in the Chinese city of Harbin, utilizing 1,288 linear floodlights containing 12,000 LUXEON Rebel Green LEDs from Philips Lumileds. The new lighting spanning the 1565-meter Songhuajiang Bridge over the Songhua River was designed and manufactured by Roled Opto Electronics Shanghai Co., Ltd., with LEDs and solution support supplied by Future Lighting Solutions.

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All Aboard: Making (Light) Waves

Ocean LED, Nuneaton, UK Proto Labs, Maple Plain, MN Richard Sant, Chief Designer at OceanLED, sought a fast and flexible way to make low-cost, high-quality components for the firm’s latest LED lights. He found the answer with Protomold®, the rapid injection molding service from Proto Labs®. Sant worked with the company's Telford, UK location, which has a full manufacturing and sales facility.

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Using Ultrafast EMCCD Cameras for Faster DNA Sequencing

To decode the human genome and gain a greater understanding of diseases and their aetiology, advances need to be made in the rate at which the nucleotides that comprise DNA can be sequenced. Approaches to DNA sequencing have moved on considerably since the development of “chain-terminator” methods by Maxam and Gilbert, and by Sanger, in the1970s, and are now evolving beyond the so-called “next generation” toward today’s “third generation” systems.

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Emergency Notification System Enables Coordinated Communication Across Facilities

The Communicator! NXT emergency notification systemPlantCML, an EADS North America companyFranklin, TN951-719-2423 www.plantcml-eads.comNASA will use PlantCML’s Communicator! NXT emergency notification system to improve its communication and incident response capabilities.

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3D Scanning and Processing Software Spots Tile Damage on NASA Shuttle Discovery

Geomagic Studio 3D scanning and processing softwareGeomagic Inc.Research Triangle Park, NC800-691-1839 www.geomagic.comCeramic tiles used on the underside of the NASA Discovery shuttle protect the spacecraft and its astronauts from 2300-degree heat as they re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. When Discovery launches again, Geomagic’s 3D scanning and processing technology will inspect tile conditions and help bring the astronauts back to Earth safely.

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