Executive Perspectives: Internet of Things

ALEX IUORIO Senior Vice President, Supplier Management and Business Development Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas Phoenix, AZ

In a 1926 interview, inventor Nikola Tesla stated: “When wireless [technology] is perfectly applied, the whole Earth will be converted into a huge brain.” Though Tesla’s remark was made four decades before the earliest incarnations of Internet technology were introduced by the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency, it is an uncanny depiction of the power and potential we see today from the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Executive Perspectives: Test & Measurement

DR. JAMES TRUCHARD President, CEO, and Co-Founder National Instruments Austin, TX

The world of technology has moved to software — it started in the PC industry, but quickly manifested in the smartphone industry with operating systems like iOS and Android. We now see software making its mark in the test and measurement industry where it is revolutionizing how engineers and scientists solve grand challenges. But it wasn’t always this way. We have seen tremendous innovation in the test and measurement industry over the past four decades.

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Executive Perspectives: Robotics

CHETAN KAPOOR Senior Director of Technology Innovation Yaskawa America, Motoman Robotics Division Miamisburg, OH

Programmable machines are increasingly joining the ranks of the workforce. Ironically, these machines have been around for 40 years. I call them Generation Bot. Since the 1970s, industry and consumers have seen robots successfully perform highly repetitive tasks where the value proposition was improving the rate of production, controlling or reducing labor costs, ensuring quality, and addressing ergonomic concerns.

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Executive Perspectives: Software

JON HIRSCHTICK Founder and Chairman of the Board Onshape Cambridge, MA

Over the past four decades, I’ve watched CAD grow to become a vital part of the way virtually all products are designed and manufactured. In 1981, when I was a student at MIT’s CAD research lab, there were probably only thousands of CAD users in the world. Now there are millions.

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Executive Perspectives: Robotics

JIM LAWTON Chief Product and Marketing Officer Rethink Robotics Boston, MA

In 1961, Unimate — the first large-scale industrial robot — transformed the assembly lines at General Motors. Reading the headlines today, it seems we’re on the precipice of a new era where robots will do just about anything that humans can. These machines will drive our cars, report the news, perform surgery, and fold our laundry — and it all comes across as though the innovation just started at the turn of the century.

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Executive Perspectives: Test & Measurement

JAY ALEXANDER Chief Technology Officer Keysight Technologies, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA

To travel back 40 years in test and measurement, I reached for the paper equivalent of Doc Brown’s DeLorean: the 1976 Hewlett-Packard Electronic Instruments and Systems Catalog. Flipping through the 576-page book, the product photos told a very “analog” story: many front panels featured knobs, dials, and panel meters. Some included a CRT display, and these were circular in the older models. A few featured numerical LED readouts.

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Advanced Infrared Camera Maps Methane "Hot Spots"

Methane often appears in the atmosphere at an irregular rate, puzzling researchers challenged with the task of tracking the gas’s sources in the landscape. An advanced infrared camera developed by Linköping University and Stockholm University researchers, in collaboration with the infrared imaging manufacturer Telops, allows users to both film and photograph methane emissions.

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A New Generation of Cooling

Energy efficiency is key to the total cost of ownership of enclosure climate control solutions, and electricity consumption is a major element of operating costs. Hybrid technology, developed and patented by Rittal, combines conventional compression cooling, similar to what has been used in traditional air conditioners, with a heat pipe. The heat pipe uses evaporation of a working fluid in an evacuated tube.

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40th Anniversary Reader Contest Winners

In the 1960s, the newly formed NASA began issuing single-sheet reports on the commercially significant technologies the agency was developing in the course of R&D being conducted for the space program – a mandate from Congress. In 1976, NASA turned those single-sheet reports into a magazine format called NASA Tech Briefs.

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The Fourth Revolution in Manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is all about going digital. But the term – and the basic idea behind it – are not new. First used in 2011 at Hannover Fair in Germany, the term Industry 4.0 originates from a question posed by the German government to its country’s manufacturing industry leaders: What is the next stage of evolution for manufacturing?

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