Wind Turbine Grounding Ring

The AEGIS WTG™ grounding ring from Electro Static Technology (Mechanic Falls, ME) channels harmful shaft currents away from bearings to ground - preventing bearing damage that could cause wind turbine generator failure, unplanned downtime, and repairs.

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Hydrogen Reclamation and Reutilization

John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC) provides rocket engine propulsion testing for NASA’s space programs. Since the development of the space shuttle, every Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) has undergone acceptance testing at SSC before going to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) for integration into the space shuttle. The SSME is a large cryogenic rocket engine that uses Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) as the fuel. As NASA moves to the new ARES V launch system, the main engines on the new vehicle, as well as the upper stage engine, are currently baselined to be cryogenic rocket engines that will also use LH2. The main rocket engines for the ARES V will be larger than the SSME, while the upper-stage engine will be approximately half that size. As a result, significant quantities of hydrogen will be required during the development, testing, and operation of these rocket engines.

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Digital Video Recording and Analysis With Laser Targeting

Munitions accuracy provides an advantage in leveraging and applying force and has been sought after by political and military strategists for decades. Reflecting recent advances in technology, during Gulf Wars I and II, Americans watched video on the news of U.S. precision-guided bombs destroying tanks, flying through windows, and exacting coordinates on bridges utilizing laser-guided targeting. Yet, we forget the past challenges associated with target acquisition and destruction.

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Using Real-World Methodologies to Calculate SSD Usable Life

With more embedded systems using SSDs in critical applications, designers are now asking the question, “How long will this SSD last in my application?” To help answer this pressing question, it is important to review the recent changes in NAND flash technology.

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White LED Driver Offers Dynamic Backlight Control

Portable media devices have increasingly larger displays and longer video playback, and require more power. The LM3530 from National Semiconductor Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) employs ambient light-sensing algorithms and content-adjustable backlighting to optimize displays, saving 55 percent of power.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Software

Blue Ridge Numerics, Charlottesville, VA, has introduced CFdesign 2010 computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that provides a CAD-driven design study environment to let engineers achieve pass-fail and what-if scenarios as part of their workflow.

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Product of the Month: Continuous Wave DPSS Ruby Laser

The new CRESCENDO DPSS ruby laser from KLASTECH-Karpushko Laser Technologies GmbH (Dortmund, Germany) is available in 100mW and 150mW versions with plans to increase its power output to 500mW.

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