Desalinate Water, Produce Hydrogen, and Treat Wastewater?

Water purification requires a lot of energy, while utility companies need large amounts of water for energy production. Researchers from the University of Colorado Denver College of Engineering and Applied Science have found a way to generate pure hydrogen gas and desalination facilitated by an external power supply.

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Biomass Alternative to Petroleum for Industrial Chemicals

University of Massachusetts Amherst chemical engineers have developed a way to produce high-volume chemical feedstocks including benzene, toluene, xylenes, and olefins from pyrolytic bio-oils - the cheapest liquid fuels available today derived from biomass.

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Updated Energy Efficiency Modeling Software Programs

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released updated versions of its EnergyPlus simulation software and OpenStudio Plug-in for Google SketchUp, which help engineers and architects design better functioning, more energy-efficient buildings.

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Organic Solvent System May Improve Recycling of Catalysts

Noble metals such as platinum and palladium are becoming increasingly important because of growth in environmentally friendly applications such as fuel cells and pollution control catalysts. Because the world has limited quantities of these materials, manufacturers will have to rely on efficient recycling processes to help meet the demand.

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Energy-Recovery Circuit

STMicroelectronics (Geneva, Switzerland) has released a high-efficiency circuit and optimized power components that will produce cost savings and are ideally suited for boost or buck converters - power devices usually used in solar inverters - or SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supplies) for computers and telecom equipment.

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Electronic Monitoring For Coastal Waters

With a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, researchers from North Carolina State University are developing a cost-effective electronic monitoring system that will advance understanding of critical coastal ecosystems by allowing users to track water-quality data from these waters in real time.

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2010 Create the Future Design Contest Sustainable Technologies Category Winner

(Winner of an HP Workstation)Sustainable, Durable Bridges of the FutureIbrahim Al-KhattatTalacre, Wales, United KingdomAlight, pre-stressed, segmented-arch (LPSA) bridge-building system uses a kit of compact parts that can be manufactured and transported, resulting in cost, energy, and capital investment savings. In addition to providing an alternative to heavier energy-consuming bridge materials like concrete and steel, the framework’s design flexibility helps to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes.

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