The Sun’s Surface in Stunning Detail

Located on the Canary Island of La Palma, the Swedish 1-meter Solar Telescope (SST) is the world’s leading facility for high resolution observations of the Sun. It is operated by the Institute for Solar Physics (ISF), which is part of Stockholm University’s department for Astrophysics. Research at the institute primarily aims to gain knowledge about the outer layer of the solar atmosphere, which is dominated by magnetic fields. How do magnetic fields arise? How are they formed and ultimately destroyed or removed from the solar surface? How do they affect the Sun‘s outer atmosphere? How do they give rise to solar storms and the radiant energy that the Sun emits?

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How Do You Assess Image Quality?

What does "image quality" mean for you? What exactly differentiates a "good" from a "bad" image? How can image quality be measured in an industrial camera and which criteria are used to assess it?

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X-Ray Imaging: Emerging Digital Technology - CMOS Detectors

In all domains of Medical, Dental and Scientific X-Ray imaging, the replacement of film and analog video imaging techniques with a fully digital workflow is underway.

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Automated Inspection Lowers Solar Cell Costs

The solar cell market is poised to experience exceptional growth, but continued success in the market will require manufacturers to drive production costs down. Automated optical inspection (AOI) using machine vision systems will play a key role in this cost reduction by speeding production and reducing waste. The challenge is to have the right vision system for each inspection task.

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