Demonstration Assessment of LED Freezer Case Lighting

This report describes the process and results of a demonstration of solid-state lighting (SSL) technology combined with occupancy sensors in a set of upright grocery store freezer cases. The project was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

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LED Lighting for Maintenance and Construction Vehicles

Strobe or rotating beacon-type emergency lighting is a requirement on all Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) maintenance and construction vehicles. There is an effort to replace the standard warning lighting with LED-based lights in order to reduce cost of replacement and maintenance.

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Harvesting Solar Energy From Pavement to Power Streetlights, Heat Buildings

The heat radiating off roadways has long been a factor in explaining why city temperatures are often considerably warmer than nearby suburban or rural areas. University of Rhode Island researchers are examining methods of harvesting that solar energy to melt ice, power streetlights, illuminate signs, heat buildings, and potentially use it for many other purposes.

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Nanostructuring Technology Creates Efficient, Ultra-Small Displays

University of Michigan scientists have created pixels that will enable LED-projected and -wearable displays to be more energy efficient with more light manipulation possible - all on a display that may eventually be as small as a postage stamp.

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New Equation Could Advance Research in Solar Cells and OLEDs

An equation developed in part by researchers at the University of Michigan could do for organic semiconductors what the Shockley ideal diode equation did for inorganic semiconductors: help to enable their wider adoption.

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Improving and Evaluating LED Lighting for Greenhouse Use

Purdue researchers will collaborate with Rutgers University, the University of Arizona, Michigan State University, and Orbital Technologies Corp. (Madison, WI) on a four-year project to improve and evaluate LED lighting for greenhouse use. The goal is to increase greenhouse yields and decrease producers' energy costs.

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Four-Channel Constant Current LED Drivers

Allegro MicroSystems (Worcester, MA) offers constant current LED drivers to address requirements of internal and external illumination applications within the automotive market. Allegro’s A6261/A6262/A6264 LED drivers offer four channels of up to 100 mA LED current each, and can be paralleled for higher currents.

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