LED Driver for Automotive Headlamps

ROHM Semiconductor (San Diego, CA) introduces the Model BD8381EFV-M high-brightness LED driver for automotive forward illumination applications. With this flexible IC, designers can specify the same driver for use in high-beam, low-beam, and daytime running light (DRL) circuits.

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Graphite Foam Technology Cools LED Light Fixtures and Extends Lifespan

Graphite foam technology developed by James Klett of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Materials Science and Technology Division extends the life of light-emitting diode lamps and has been licensed to LED North America (Oak Ridge, TN).

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Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch Controls Electrical Flow for Lighting

The Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global) continues to pursue aggressive energy goals established by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, with the design of a system that controls electrical flow for lighting - a highly efficient platform that may spark a new era of power savings.

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Organic LED Light Source for Home Electronics, Medicine, and Clean Energy

Electronic products pollute the environment with a number of heavy metals before, during, and after they're used. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 70% of heavy metals in landfills come from discarded electronics. With flat screen TVs getting bigger and cheaper every year, environmental costs continue to mount.

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Diffuse-Illumination Systems for Growing Plants

A proposed plant-growth system takes advantage of the highly diffuse reflective surfaces on the interior of a sphere, hemisphere, or other nearly enclosed structure that is coated with highly reflective materials. This type of surface and structure uniformly mixes discrete light sources to produce highly uniform illumination.

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LED Electronic Power Supply

Zenaro (Karlsruhe, Germany) has introduced a new line of electronic power supplies specially designed for LED indoor/outdoor lighting applications. The efficiency performance is greater than 92%, saving more energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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Energy-Saving LED High Bay Fixture

Dialight (Farmingdale, NJ) has introduced ultra-bright DuroSite LED High Bay fixtures that incorporate Cree’s Xlamp® XP-G LEDs, delivering nearly 12,000 lumens while consuming only 150 watts. Free of hazardous materials including mercury, the fixtures can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

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