LED Bulb Replaces Incandescent Bulb

A 40-watt GE Energy Smart® LED bulb from GE Lighting (Cleveland, OH) will be available later this year or early 2011. The new LED bulb is expected to consume only 9 watts, provide a 77 percent energy savings, and produce nearly the same light output as a 40-watt incandescent bulb - while lasting more than 25 times as long.

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LED Edge-Lighting Solution

Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), Inc. (Brecksville, OH) now offers LED edge-lighting solutions that focus light into a high-performance backlight, or light guide. Because the LEDs are located on the edge of the light guide, there is better optical control for color and uniformity, fewer LEDs, better repeatability, and the thinnest possible lighting solution.

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Evolution of the Solid-State Lighting Connector

Keeping pace with emerging solid-state lighting (SSL) applications can be difficult for design engineers, not only from an end-product standpoint, but at the component level as well. Design engineers are challenged to combine their optical expertise with thermal management, power, electronic, and mechanical packaging properties.

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Why All The Talk About High-Power LED Technology?

It is in the headlines worldwide. Cities, states, and countries around the globe are transitioning away from traditional lighting and towards newer technologies such as high-power LEDs for traffic, street, and other public lighting applications.

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New Alloys Key to Efficient Solar Energy and Lighting

A recent advance by Arizona State University researchers in developing nanowires could lead to more efficient photovoltaic cells as well as better LEDs. ASU electrical engineers are working to improve quaternary alloy semiconductor nanowire materials.

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Development of Advanced LED Phosphors by Spray-based Processes for Solid-State Lighting

Luminescent materials were developed using aerosol processes, for making improved LED devices for solid-state lighting. In essence this means improving white light emitting phosphor-based LEDs by improvement of the phosphor and phosphor layer.

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Sliding Mode Pulsed Current Averaging IC Drivers for High-Brightness Light Emitting Diodes

Light Emitting Diode (LED) driver ICs associated with specific (uniquely operated) switching power supplies that optimize performance for High Brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) have been developed. The LED drivers feature fewer external components and high power efficiency.

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