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Brushless Torque Motors

Allied Motion (Buffalo, NY) released the Megaflux MFH170i series of 170-mm (6.7-in) diameter housed brushless torque motors. The series is comprised of the 170 series brushless torque motor, a digital servo drive, and a programmable optical encoder integrated into a rugged machined aluminum housing with duplex bearings. The motors feature a 63.5-mm (2.5-in) large-bore through shaft. Three stack lengths are available, with peak torque ranging from 8.5 to 16.9 Nm (75 to 150 lb-in), and rated speed to 1000 RPM. The standard winding voltage is 48V. The motors are designed as rotary actuators for use in semiconductor equipment, automated test equipment, scanners, gimbal systems, and applications requiring a rotary actuator with a large hollow shaft. For Free Info Visit

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How to Turn Your Engineers Into Product Design Superheroes

Today's innovative companies are built on the shoulders of the engineering teams responsible for designing products. Smart companies invest in tools that translate into better products. A modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution removes tedious admin responsibilities, streamlines the design environment, and empowers engineers to collaborate more efficiently with other departments. In short, PLM enables engineers to make the organization more profitable by allowing them to spend more time focused on the task they do best: designing innovative, world-class products. In this whitepaper, we focus on how PLM empowers engineers to spend more time on product design by optimizing their relationship with the different departments across the organization with which they must interact.

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Make Realistic Prototypes in Less Time with Multi-Material 3D Printing

Creating prototypes that look and feel like their production counterparts greatly reduces the product development cycle and makes communication of design ideas much more effective. Most prototypes, however, are made from multiple parts that need to be assembled, which takes time.

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Electropolishing for Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Manufacturing components for the hydraulic and pneumatic industries often involve creating the ideal surface finish: neither too rough nor too smooth. When it comes to surface finish, electropolishing can help manufacturers walk that fine line and achieve the ultimate in function.

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MC Works64 - 64-bit advanced SCADA featuring 3D Graphics

MC Works64 is an integral software providing a variety of functions and refined user interfaces suitable for social infrastructure fields. Apply this software to comprehend the plant operation state and monitor plant-wide operation to support efficient plant operations. VIEW CATALOG HERE

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Guidelines for Ensuring PCB Manufacturability

The rules of PCB design have changed little over the years, but the demands on the boards themselves keep increasing. The need for smaller, more complex boards used in smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices translates into less real estate for greater functionality.

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Fast, On-Demand Jig & Fixture Production with PolyJet

Jigs and fixtures are an essential part of the manufacturing process that are used to position, hold and check parts and assemblies. But making them with traditional methods and materials is often costly and time consuming. PolyJet 3D printing technology offers an alternative that is much more economical and time-efficient, allowing you to quickly make jigs and fixtures as they’re needed. In this webinar you’ll learn more about these and other benefits of PolyJet 3D printed jigs and fixtures.

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