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Corneal Endothelium Delivery Instrument

A single-use, disposable device implants donor allograft tissue during endothelial keratoplasty.Corneal endothelial failure is a common cause of corneal transplants. According to the Eye Bank Association of America, transplant tissue distributed for endothelial keratoplasty accounted for 18,221 (43%) of all keratoplasties performed in the US during 2009. Fuchs dystrophy, “other” causes, and post-cataract surgery edema were identified as the leading indications for endothelial replacement surgery. The leading indicator, Fuchs endothelial dystrophy, is an inheritable genetic condition that results in loss of endothelial cells and formation of an abnormal extracellular matrix.

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Software for Image Contrast Enhancement

This technique provides detail and edge contrast enhancement, latitude reduction, and noise reduction when applied to digitizers for X-ray imaging.Whenever images are acquired with a large dynamic range, a problem arises in reproducing these images on a medium (i.e. CRT, paper). There are the restrictions of the recording apparatus (number of reproducible intensity levels, color gamut, and color resolution) as well as environmental factors (flare, light level).

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Highly Sensitive Micro Fluorescence Detector for Bioanalytical Devices

This development represents an advancement in the field of portable microfluidic analysis systems, or lab-on-a-chip devices.An advanced micro fluorescence detector (microFD) uses a hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) photodiode for high sensitivity biochemical analyses in micro-capillary electrophoresis (microCE) applications, representing an advancement in the field of portable microfluidic analysis systems, or lab-on-a-chip devices. The detector is highly sensitive to the emission wavelengths of commonly used fluorescent dyes, and in an integrated configuration using a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) diode, proves efficacious for heavily multiplexed microfluidic biochemical analyses. This design can be fabricated and integrated at a low cost, making it ideal for the production of portable bioanalyzers that handle minute quantities of fluids (picoliters to nanoliters), as well as emerging large-scale integrated microfluidic technologies.

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Medical Tube Securing Device

A novel device secures medical tubes and catheters intubated within a patient.The Burn Center, located in the Brooke Army Medical Center, receives approximately 300 burn patients each year. Often, these patients have problems breathing on their own due to scorched esophagi, damaged airways due to smoke inhalation, or organ failures.

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CMOS-Based X-Ray Panel Focuses on Low-Dose Applications

The technology enables real-time imaging for cardiac, vascular, and orthopedic procedures.In all domains of medical and scientific X-ray imaging, the replacement of film and analog video imaging techniques with a fully digital workflow is underway. The Xineos X-ray panel X-ray CMOS technology delivers three times more sensitivity and five times more signal-to-noise performance than other standard technologies, enabling radiologists and practitioners to reduce patient dose in dynamic X-ray imaging modalities such as fluoroscopy and computed tomography.

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Hydrofocusing Bioreactor Produces Anti-Cancer Alkaloids

Enhancement of production may be attributable to favorable aggregation of cells.A methodology for growing three-dimensional plant tissue models in a hydrodynamic focusing bioreactor (HFB) has been developed. The methodology is expected to be widely applicable, both on Earth and in outer space, as a means of growing plant cells and aggregates thereof under controlled conditions for diverse purposes, including research on effects of gravitation and other environmental factors upon plant growth and utilization of plant tissue cultures to produce drugs in quantities greater and at costs lower than those of conventional methodologies

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A Miniaturized Video System for Monitoring Drosophila Behavior

This method allows monitoring the movement of many fruit flies in space simultaneously.Long-term spaceflight may induce a variety of harmful effects in astronauts, resulting in altered motor and cognitive behavior. The stresses experienced by humans in space — most significantly weightlessness (microgravity) and cosmic radiation — are difficult to accurately simulate on Earth. In fact, prolonged and concomitant exposure to microgravity and cosmic radiation can only be studied in space.

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