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GSPS DACs Enable Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Applications

To meet the increasing capacity demand of mobile customers, the emerging E-band market requires wider bandwidth capabilities compared to traditional microwave backhaul wireless architectures. Due to increased capacity, 2-GHz E-band systems will be needed in the near future. This white paper covers the demands of current E-band point-to-point systems, and how Analog Devices’ high-speed digital-to-analog converters (DACs) provide the necessary bandwidth and sampling frequencies to support them.

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Executive Perspectives: Data Acquisition & Sensing

GRANT MALOY SMITH President and CEO Dewetron, Inc. Wakefield, RI In 40 years, data acquisition products have evolved from paper-based chart recorders and analog tape machines, to computer-based instruments. As a result, the relatively slow pace of improvements in performance that typified data recorders for nearly a century is now swept along on the fast-moving current of computer technology advances.

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Full RF Signal Chains from 0 Hz to 110 GHz

Analog Devices (ADI) has expanded its RF capabilities in the full signal chain, including companion products, in the full bandwidth from 0 Hz to 110 GHz.This white paper provides examples of the wider frequency spectrum covered by ADI, and explains that true DC is important. Off signal chain performance is also critical, and this paper shows how low-noise, high-stability control and power components are important to overall RF signal performance.

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'Proximity Hat' Reveals Surroundings in Real Time

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) researchers have developed a "Proximity Hat" that uses head pressure to inform users about their surroundings. The ultrasonic sensors, batteries, and pressure pads can be worn like a hat or headband.

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When Sensors Mesh: How Sensor Networks Improve Performance

Innovations in communications and computing hardware and software have made it easier than ever to collect minute details regarding just about any topic of interest. For technology and manufacturing interests, small, low-powered sensors can be embedded in almost any machine for data collection. Thanks to wireless technology, these embedded devices can continuously and unobtrusively provide measurements of performance and environmental data. Analysis of this data offers vast opportunities for fine-tuning performance and process.

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Integrated Circuits

The Standard Power Series from Honeywell (Fort Mill, SC) includes four new sensor ICs. The integrated circuits offer a sensitivity of 11 Gauss max., allowing design engineers to use larger air gaps between the sensor IC and the magnet. The Standard Power Series Sensor ICs also feature a solid-state, non-contact, no-glass design. The devices have a supply voltage range of 3 Vdc-24 Vdc and operating temperature range of -40 to 185 °F. Potential applications include flow sensing in HVAC, anti-tamper detection in utility meters, and RPM sensing in exercise equipment and door position detection. For Free Info Visit

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Wireless Remote Sensing

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry (Hudson, MA) has added capabilities to its Field Setup and Diagnostic ToolKit. Interfacing with sensors, thermocouples, load cells, pots, and turbine meters, the Signal Fire Wireless Remote Sensing Systems (SFRSS) support long-distance wireless communications across devices in large-scale environments such as oil fields.

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