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Space Place Prime is public engagement and education software for use on iPad. It targets a multi-generational audience with news, images, videos, and educational articles from the Space Place Web site and other NASA sources.

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Picking the Pattern for a Stealth Antenna

A frequency selective surface that acts as an RF filter and helps reduce the radar cross-section of antennas consists of a pattern of geometrical objects. There are literally thousands of possibilities, and testing each one physically would take enormous amounts of time. With simulation, though, promising candidates can be found in just minutes.

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Buyer’s Guide for FEA Software

In selecting a finite element analysis (FEA) software solution, it is crucial that you consider the pre- and postprocessor, which can be critical for the analysis speed and accuracy. FEA analysts rely on the pre- and postprocessor to work with an assortment of data files, provide a variety of ways to idealize the model, support one or more solvers and produce the data and reports that are needed to meet both internal and external requirements. Engineering managers rely on the pre- and postprocessor solution to reduce the risks associated with accuracy while meeting time-critical product development deadlines. Click here to download.

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Addressing Compliance Mandates with Product Lifecycle Management

How lifecycle management software can enhance product development. Regulations from the FDA impact every step of the medical device lifecycle from properly classifying a device and developing a regulatory strategy, to preparing FDA submissions. So, just how are successful medical device manufacturers cost effectively achieving compliance while, at the same time, meeting their product delivery targets?

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ULTRA: Underwater Localization for Transit and Reconnaissance Autonomy

This software addresses the issue of underwater localization of unmanned vehicles and the inherent drift in their onboard sensors. The software gives a 2 to 3 factor of improvement over the state-of-the-art underwater localization algorithms.

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SynGenics Optimization System (SynOptSys)

The SynGenics Optimization System (SynOptSys) software application optimizes a product with respect to multiple, competing criteria using statistical Design of Experiments, Response-Surface Methodology, and the Desirability Optimization Methodology. The user is not required to be skilled in the underlying math; thus, SynOptSys can help designers and product developers overcome the barriers that prevent them from using powerful techniques to develop better pro ducts in a less costly manner. SynOptSys is applicable to the design of any product or process with multiple criteria to meet, and at least two factors that influence achievement of those criteria.

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CFD Script for Rapid TPS Damage Assessment

This grid generation script creates unstructured CFD grids for rapid thermal protection system (TPS) damage aeroheating assessments. The existing manual solution is cumbersome, open to errors, and slow.

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