Spring Tire

A new tire is made from helical springs, requires no air or rubber, and consumes nearly zero energy. The spring tire provides greater traction in sandy and/or rocky soil, can operate in microgravity and under harsh conditions, and is non-pneumatic.

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Funding Opportunity for Vehicle Research and Development

The DOE is accepting applications for up to $184 million over three to five years to accelerate the development and deployment of new efficient vehicle technologies that will reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil, save drivers money, and limit carbon pollution.

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High-Power Switches for Future Energy Supply Networks

Renewable energy comes out of an electricity socket, but to get there it has to travel a long journey – from wind turbines out at sea or regional solar, wind, and biogas power plants. On the way to the consumer much energy is lost, but new electronic components will change things in future.

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The November Issue of Lighting Technology Has Arrived

Check out the new issue of Lighting Technology for more new feature articles, videos, application stories, tech briefs, products, and more - all on the latest advances in LEDs and solid-state lighting.

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LED Lighting for Maintenance and Construction Vehicles

Strobe or rotating beacon-type emergency lighting is a requirement on all Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) maintenance and construction vehicles. There is an effort to replace the standard warning lighting with LED-based lights in order to reduce cost of replacement and maintenance.

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Four-Channel Constant Current LED Drivers

Allegro MicroSystems (Worcester, MA) offers constant current LED drivers to address requirements of internal and external illumination applications within the automotive market. Allegro’s A6261/A6262/A6264 LED drivers offer four channels of up to 100 mA LED current each, and can be paralleled for higher currents.

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IR LED With Integrated Lens

The infrared DRAGON SFH 4236 from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (Sunnyvale, CA) is designed for applications that require narrow radiation characteristics from limited board space, namely automotive applications such as driver and passenger monitoring systems and blind spot detection systems, as well as camera-based vision systems for the industrial and security sectors.

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