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Additive Transforms Paint into Insulation

Product Outcome

Insuladd is a powder additive that can be mixed into ordinary interior or exterior paint, making that paint act like a layer of insulation. The company recommends two coats for optimal protection. The material is also available in a pre-mixed form.

The secret behind Insuladd is the unique propriety process that applies a coating to the microscopic inert gas-filled ceramic microspheres that make up Insuladd. When the paint dries, these form the radiant heat barrier, turning the ordinary house paint into heat-reflecting thermal paint. The insulating materials reduce heat transfer by reflecting heat away from the painted surface by forming a heat-blocking radiant barrier on the surface that is painted.

According to Tech Traders, the product works with all types of paints and coatings and will not change the coverage rate, application, or adhesion of the paint. It can be used on walls, roofs, ceilings, air-conditioning ducts, steam pipes and fittings, and is particularly well-suited for use on metal buildings, cold storage facilities such as walk-in coolers and freezers, and mobile or modular homes.

In addition to the target market of residential and commercial buildings, customers have found a variety of other useful applications for this insulating additive. For example, Purina Feeds uses the Insuladd E-Coat, an insulating wall paint and roof paint that is a 100-percent acrylic product containing the ceramic paint additive, to paint feed storage silos to help prevent feed spoilage. The poultry industry uses Insuladd to reduce the summer heat and winter cold effects on the climate of hatcheries. Samsung uses the ceramic paint additive on military vehicles, and Hyundai Corporation’s shipbuilding division uses Insuladd on its ships.

Tech Traders has continued its connection to the aerospace community by recently providing Lockheed Martin Corporation with one of its thermal products for use on the F-22 Raptor. The designers of the high-tech fighter jet were able to use one of the insulating paints on the outside of an electrical switch box that was overheating due to outside heat sources.

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