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PanOptica is a comprehensive, Web-enabled tool set, which provides intuitive and enhanced Web interfaces to automate the tedious process of monitoring, disseminating and tracking the progress of individual projects and project portfolios.
The PanOptica product suite can be understood as a set of collaboration tools, enabling implementers and managers across functionalities, responsibilities, and geographies to communicate with each other, share knowledge, and update their decision-making to evolve action to fit strategic objectives in a changing environment.

PanOptica applies the technologies to enable customer project, portfolio, and program managers to integrate the information from their project plans—work breakdown structures, milestones, budgets—with their financial, operating, and other systems—and to create reports that are useful and intelligible to their varied constituents. In other words, anyone, from principal investigators to senior management, to multiple funding sources and partnering organizations, can know “how are we doing?” on each of the project elements and how they roll up to larger views (portfolios and programs). Earned Value Management tools are applied. PanOptica is particularly useful in complex organizations, where different constituents, such as multiple funding sources for actual work, have their own objectives, and, consequently, have different perspectives on the work being done.

One of the goals of PanOptica is simplicity of use. This starts with assisting the customer to enable data to be entered only once, rather than the multiple iterations often required for different uses. It continues with intuitive Web-based interfaces, using widely understood Microsoft Office applications for reports. It enables straightforward approvals by authorized users of actions, such as releasing funds, to follow and, then, seamlessly, provides information to update the various systems.

This product suite provides users a comprehensive set of Web-based tools for project and portfolio management. JSS also plans to integrate other technologies with NETMARK/PMT/QBDM to provide project portfolio management and knowledge document management capabilities for its industry, university, and other customers.

Many companies are reluctant to license technology from the U.S. Government. The primary reason is the length of time required to investigate the technologies, determine the technical applications, negotiate the license agreement, and learn the government licensing process. It is JSS’s secondary strategy to shorten the licensing process time and become a clearing house for technologies that it has licensed from Federal agencies and universities that have commercial viability. JSS will prepare the licensed technologies for re-licensing, and re-license them to the private sector or other government entities.

PanOptica® is a registered trademark of JumpStart Solutions LLC.

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