Linear translation stages from Edmund Optics (Barrington, NJ) are available with travel track distances as long as 24 in. The stages use rack-and-pinion positioning with accuracy of 0.01 in., and are designed to allow easy integration of standard English-unit positioning equipment.

altThe stages come in single- and dual-knob versions with the stage measuring 2.45(W) × 2.36(L) × 1.18(H) in. Each stage offers nine ¼-20 tapped holes for equipment mounting and has a load capacity of 5kg horizontal and 2kg vertical when locked. The tracks are 2.45(W) x 0.4(H) in. in 6-, 12-, and 24-in. travel lengths.

The stage and track provide straight-line accuracy from 0.004 in. for the 6-in. track, to 0.011in. for the 24-in. track.

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