Global Alert Resolution Network (GARNET) is a software system for delivering emergency alerts as well as less-urgent messages to members of the Goddard Space Flight Center work force via an intranet or the Internet, and can be adapted to similar use in other large organizations. Messages can be presented in visible and audible forms on such diverse terminals as desktop computers, portable alphanumeric pagers, telephones, fire alarms, and closed-circuit television. GARNET includes client components running on workers’ desktop computers, and server components running on redundant computers behind firewalls.

An authorized user enters a message, selecting its degree of urgency and the group of intended recipients. The message is then disseminated to the recipients along with a link to more-detailed information. GARNET can deliver a message by server push (in which it interrupts a user’s work to present the message on the user’s computer or other device) or client pull (in which a user’s computer polls the server periodically). GARNET determines whether a given client receives alerts via client pull or server push when the client logs onto the server. To reduce network traffic, GARNET gives preference to server push.

This program was written by Julia Loftis and Stephanie Nickens of Goddard Space Flight Center and Melissa Pell and Vince Pell of Science Systems and Applications, Inc.


This Brief includes a Technical Support Package (TSP).

Delivering Alert Messages to Members of a Work Force (reference GSC-14927-1) is currently available for download from the TSP library.

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