Along with the ability to measure two levels, certain magnetostrictive level transmitters can also provide a temperature measurement. These level transmitters have the ability to output one, five, or 12 temperature measurement points, along with an average temperature. By measuring both the level and temperature process variables from the same process opening, the customer has significant cost savings over adding another opening to the vessel.

Magnetostrictive level transmitters are available in most common process protocols. The protocols include 4-20 mA, HART, Modbus, and Foundation Fieldbus. By using the digital communication protocols, the transmitter can provide increased functionality, including diagnostics and volume output.

Hazardous area approvals are also available on magnetostrictive level transmitters. The approvals include Intrinsic Safety, Explosion Proof, Flame Proof, Non-Incendive, Non-Sparking from U.S., Canadian, European, and Asian approval agencies. Magnetostrictive level transmitters have an easier time achieving Intrinsic Safety approval, due to the inherent lower power of magnetostrictive transmitters.

Magnetostrictive level transmitters are able to meet most process requirements with an accurate unit that can provide multiple levels, temperature, volume, and diagnostics from one transmitter and one process opening.

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