PYROFAST is a needle-free injection system with pyrotechnical gas propulsion that provides accurate and comfortable drug delivery through the skin for intra-dermal, subcutaneous, and intra-muscular injections of liquid and solid (lyophilized) drugs. The needle-free injection occurs within 40 msec; a very fine, high-pressure jet stream of liquid medication painlessly penetrates the skin, depositing medication in the tissue beneath. Needle-free injection reduces skin trauma and pain, and leads to better patient compliance by eliminating the patient’s phobia of needles.

PYROFAST technology does not cause bleeding, which is often experienced with a needle injection, thus eliminating the risk of transmission of bloodborne diseases. The gas generator of the PYROFAST system uses a chemical substance that, after activation, generates a gas to create a well-defined and reliable pressure profile suitable for the injection of liquid drugs. The gas puts pressure on a plunger in the injection ampoule of the Medication Unit, which pushes the liquid through the orifice of the nozzle.

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