Mounting Options

Segmented racks are available in varying lengths, allowing for simple integration and unlimited linear travel. Standard lengths may be cut to accommodate custom requirements.

A flange mount pinion and pinion preloader can be used to simplify the integration of the roller pinion system into a machine design and give superior pinion preload and meshing geometry results. High precision surfaces and an adjuster allow the pinion to be positioned up or down into the rack, while maintaining proper pinion orientation to the rack. This feature significantly reduces the tendency of the servo drive to tip when moving the pinion into the rack.

With flexible and simple mounting options and an innovative roller/rack design, roller pinion systems can be simply integrated into linear motion control applications to provide greater system efficiency and reliable operation.

This article was written by Al Conway, RPS Product Manager for Nexen Group, Vadnais Heights, MN. For more information, please contact Mr. Conway at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or go to: http://info.hotims.com/28050-333.

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