FLIR Motion Control Systems (Burlingame, CA) offers the E-Series family of computer-controlled pan-tilt units that incorporate an integrated 32-bit microcontroller for motion control fidelity, including lower jitter, built-in Ethernet interface for IP and Web control, and expandable payload I/O. The units also include integrated digital encoders, providing user-configurable ranges of motion. The PTUD48 offers payloads to 15 pounds with an integrated slip-ring; the PTUD100 offers payloads to 25 pounds for fixed and mobile applications; and the PTU-D300 offers heavy-duty payloads to 70 pounds.

altThe units incorporate a mechanical design with a worm gear; no belts or pulleys are used. Features include multiple built-in control interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, and Ethernet; operating temperatures from -30 to 70 ºC; single DC power input; and control of speed, position, acceleration, and power consumption. Applications include tower-mounted surveillance cameras, police and military ground vehicles, antenna tracking systems, border surveillance, and night-vision applications.

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